2015’s Whole30 Program, Halftime Update

Congratulations to everyone still hanging in there with our 2015 Whole30 Program.  Since we started on January 5th, I’ve been meaning to log updates here for anyone interested in our progress.  When I logged on I was reminded that I started to do the same thing back in October of 2013 during our 2nd go around with Whole30. When I read my first couple posts I realized that I didn’t have anything new to say.  What I wrote back then was pretty much identical to what I was thinking now so I decided to leave the old posts stand and continue where I left off.  You can scroll back and see what I am talking about.

Fast forward to the middle of January 2015. Today marks day 18 for Staci and me. I’ve found this Whole30 the easiest to stick with compared to our first two month long ‘nutritional resets” as the Hartwigs call it.  What I thought was going to be the hardest thing to give up, drinking alcohol, is turning out to be the easiest. Honestly I don’t miss it at all. What’s been the hardest? I miss not being able to go out to lunch or happy hour with Staci during the week.  We work hard hours and enjoy our stops once or twice a week, enjoying a good corned beef rueben or fish taco or two. Other than that, we’re doing just fine.  We’re lucky because neither one of us has much of a sweet tooth so there is zero withdrawal from sugars.  Most of our members having difficulty with this Whole30 are dealing with the sugar cravings/withdrawals.

I remember saying in late 2013 that I would never do another Whole30 challenge. It was my second time and I had a seriously hard time dealing with the lack of energy throughout the month. I increased my dietary fat to make up for the lack of carbohydrates, but it just wasn’t enough. My fat choices at the time were almonds and macadamia nuts, olive oil and avocados. All good healthy fats, primarily monounsaturdated Omega 9 fat.

This time I decided to use coconut oil as my primary fat source with the goal of increasing energy levels throughout my day. I’ll have to say that it is working great. My overall dietary fat intake is about the same as it has always been(roughly 50% of my daily calories) but the amount of coconut oil is way up.  Coconut oil is a different type of fat, it’s a medium chain saturated fat, able to be metabolized differently/quicker than the monounsaturated fats that I had normally favored.

Here is a visual look at the breakdown of proteins, carbs and fats in my typical daily consumption.  We are both Zone Diet followers so we pay close attention to the proportions of these three macronutrients during every meal and snack.  My proportions are different than Staci’s based on our overall goals.  If you would like help understanding and implementing the Zone, please ask us at the gym.  We’re happy to help you.



This chart is from MyFitnessPal.  If you have not used this app as your daily food log, give it a try.  It’s super easy to use and update along the way.

Overall, I have as much energy as I had prior to the start of this Whole30 challenge.  I have a much sharper mental focus and am much less irritable on a daily basis.  Now the first few days I was a touchy little bitch, but I think that happens to everyone.  I am sleeping better and the most important thing of all – all of my little aches and pains are gone.  The nagging pain in my left shoulder, gone.  I still have the same range limitations as before but the pain is gone. The mild pain in my left knee during heavy squats, gone. Why?  Reduced inflammation due to the elimination of certain foods.  Which ones?  I’m not exactly sure yet but I’ll know next month.  More about that process next time.

I can tell you the most important piece of the puzzle to be successful with a Whole30 Program is your food prep in advance.  Staci and I spend a considerable amount of time on the weekend preparing food for our daily meals.  We have an abundant selection of good food choices available at all times.  When we run low on something during the middle of the week, we whip up a few batches of our favorite Whole30 approved foods. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items we made last week, posted in our group on Facebook: Bill & Staci’s Paleo Kitchen  You don’t have to have a Facebook account to view these pictures.

I’ll write more about the ‘why’s” of Whole30 next time along with my plan to determine which dietary item(s)  are linked to the pain in my old, creaky joints. Stay tuned.

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