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We’re all stuck in some sort of rut. What to do.

Yes, we’re all stuck in some sort of rut.  It might be something to do with career, money, relationships, health and fitness, the list goes on. It might just be something seemly simple. On the other hand, it might be

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2015’s Whole30 Program, Halftime Update

Congratulations to everyone still hanging in there with our 2015 Whole30 Program.  Since we started on January 5th, I’ve been meaning to log updates here for anyone interested in our progress.  When I logged on I was reminded that I

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How do you tell people what you do?

(Original Post June 2014) How do you describe to a room full of 75 people in 30 seconds what it is that you do in your business? That’s what all of us had to do at the Rocky River Chamber

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