How do you tell people what you do?

(Original Post June 2014)

How do you describe to a room full of 75 people in 30 seconds what it is that you do in your business? That’s what all of us had to do at the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce’s New Member meeting this morning.  I don’t normally prepare to much in advance for these sorts of meetings. I usually gather a few thoughts before it’s my turn to introduce myself and then just say whatever rolls off my tongue.  The message is usually more sincere that way as opposed to delivering a canned 30 second commercial honed and polished over years of practice(boring).


I introduced myself, explained where Staci and I operate our business and then simply held up a “before and now” picture of me and said “if you look a little like the person on the left but want to look a little more like the person on the right, we can help you.”  It’s really as simple as that. I could have rambled on about CrossFit and group workouts and functional movements and scaling and blah, blah, blah. But I didn’t. I painted a little picture that says it all.  We work with regular, everyday people who have let their fitness and nutrition habits go to hell and teach them how to get on the right track in terms of exercise and eating habits.  Give us 6 weeks and we can change the direction of your life.  Give us 6 months and you will be a totally different person. Give us a year and you’ll be a badass.  No kidding.

The easiest way to get through the first 6 weeks is to begin our CrossFit Executive Fitness Starter Program.  We have five groups starting the first week of March.  Here is more information and a place to register. CrossFit Executive Fitness Starter Program.

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